Martin Jacobson

art photography

The Iron Mine

Inside the compact darkness of an abandoned iron mine an artistic excavation is carried out. With the light of a repeating flash the mine is explored and colours buried under the grey dust are revealed, allowing one to perceive a fractal pattern of cracks and facets innate to the mountain, a pattern released for interpretation in a manner similar to a well known test by Hermann Rorschach.

This series is currently an object of change and expansion.

Code / 2014 / 60x62cm

Unravel / 2014 / 45x60cm

Entry Entry Entry
Affector / 2013 / 27x120cm
Inclusion / 2013 / 34x120cm
Parallel / 2013 / 41x120cm

Guide / 2014 / 60x90cm

Debut / 2014 / 90x60cm

Source / 2014 / 60x90cm


Trying to capture the landscape I felt, hundreds of exposures are combined regarding distinction and indefinition.

Two hundred landscapes
Tvåhundra landskap / Two hundred landscapes / 2009 / c-print 140x100cm

Mosse / Bog / 2010 / c-print 140x100cm

Fält / Fields / 2011 / c-print 186x124cm

Winter 2
Vinter 2 / Winter 2 / 2011 / c-print 100x70cm

Skog / Forest / 2010 / c-print 140x100cm

Forest 2
Skog 2 / Forest 2 / 2011 / c-print 140x100cm

Sjö / Lake / 2011 / c-print 140x100cm

Vinter / Winter / 2011 / c-print 140x100cm

Arkipelag / Archipelago / 2010 / c-print 140x100cm


Lager / Layers / 2010 / multi layer lightbox installation 140x95x40cm

Lager / Layers / 2010 / multi layer lightbox installation 140x95x40cm


Winter night
Vinternatt / Winter night / 2009 / c-print 86x100cm

Artist statement

Occasionally I find myself in an environment that lends me a certain mental shift; a somewhat transparent perspective of reality. This is when I pick up my camera and begin to capture the moment, only to realize that it will not happen that easily. Puzzled and slightly irritated I plan to come back later to do it properly. Often going into the extremes, the amount of shots taken becomes an analysis of my environment and the project turns into a matter of understanding and compiling all the data into something that resembles or feel related to the original affect.


Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Exhibitions & Education

2013 Smålands salong för foto, Jönköping
2012 Landskap, Galleri Braheparken, Jönköping
2011 Landskap, Galleri Eklund, Stockholm
2010 Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm
2010 Fotomässan, Göteborg
2010 Länssalongen, Jönköping
2010 Konst eller vetenskap, Galleri monitor, Göteborg
2010 Examensutställning, Röda Sten, Göteborg
2009 Mikrofiktioner, Galleri Oro, Göteborg

2007-2010 Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography, HFF, Gothenburg University
2007 Preparatory art theory, Gothenburg University
2006 Preparatory art studies, Angeredsateljén, Gothenburg
2005-2006 Interdisciplinary studies of art, mind and spirit, India
2003-2005 Media Technology, Linköping University